Circa 1760 French Louis XV Walnut Cabinet


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Elegant and ornate, this eighteenth-century walnut cabinet dates to one of the most illustrious eras of French design, the reign of Louis XV. Improving upon the baroque style that characterized Louis XIV’s rule, furniture under Louis XV acquired more feminine, organic motifs. Popular elements included frames of rocaille, an exuberant French style of ornamentation featuring shell-like motifs, and carved sea creatures. This cabinet features brass pulls delicately styled as dolphins, one of the favorite motifs of the period. The lower cabinet incorporates elaborately carved sea dragons, their twin bodies evocative of the abundant curves distinctive to the rocaille style. Smaller decorative carvings extend this serpentine motif to the delicate moldings, turned pillar supports, and finials. The collector should also note the beautifully detailed fluted walnut mounts that frame the beveled glass cluster in the center of the cabinet. The eye is at once drawn toward the beveled glass centerpiece design that radiates outwards.

On either side of this stunning center cabinet, one may also appreciate two sets of delicate shelves, ideal for displaying statuettes or one’s favorite china. Dropping the gaze, a little lower, one may additionally admire the cream marble top to the detachable base; here one could position side dishes or dessert for a fashionable dinner party. The ornate detailing of the escutcheons together with a tasseled key completes the elegant look All in all, this cabinet is a testament to the joint effort between the cabinet maker, the glassmaker, metalsmith, and the marble stone expert who collaborated in the design of this cabinet. Considering its beauty and history, this 1760s cabinet would make an attractive addition to any dining room or stylishly grand kitchen.

Complete: Height= 85 in., Width= 41.5 in. Depth= 19 in.
Top: Height= 52 in., Width=39 in. Depth= 12.5 in.
Bottom: Height= 33 in. Width= 41.5 in. Depth= 19 in., 150 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions L 19 x W 41.5 x H 85 in
Style / Period

Louis XV

Year / Century


Place of Origin



Walnut / Marble / Brass / Glass

Additional Dimensions

Complete: Height= 85 in., Width= 41.5 in. Depth= 19 in.
Top: Height= 52 in., Width=39 in. Depth= 12.5 in.
Bottom: Height= 33 in. Width= 41.5 in. Depth= 19 in., 150 lbs.


This cabinet is hand-carved of walnut with sections that are walnut veneered. The top of the cabinet shows holes for wooden pegs indicating the top had ornate top trim molding sections and a center crown molding that are missing (see image). Only two corner finials remain. These can be taken off if so desired.

The sides and unfinished back shows wood separation from age. There is also evidence of woodworm (see images), however, it has been professionally eradicated and the structure remains intact. The small knot near the bottom, on the back, has come off as the loose bark around the knot loosened around the growth ring and popped out at some point in time. Since the back is unfinished and unseen, we left the tiny hole in the knot (see image), as is, rather than cosmetically filling it with epoxy, which is still an option. The cabinet has been recently waxed.

The edge of the back of the marble top is unpolished. We left it in its original state since the entire back is unfinished as this cabinet is meant to go against a wall. This backside edge has a tiny chip on the left corner. The top surface of the marble is in good condition with scratches from age and use. The mirrored glass panel in the center has oxidation, but no cracks or damage. The beveled glass has no chips or repairs either.

The top lock of this 262-year-old cabinet still works! The tasseled key works on the top only. It opens and closes the glass doors of the vitrine top. We recommend that you do not turn the key COMPLETELY to lock up the glass doors with valuables inside, this is an old European lock that can rust or jam. It is best to use the tasseled key as a pull only. Then, there is a small keyhole in the center of the base, flanked by the drawers. This lock does not work. The bottom lock also does not work. The small key fits the center keyhole between the drawers and fits the bottom keyhole but acts as a pull only! The bottom doors have catches inside to keep the cabinet doors closed tight.

To fasten the top and base, the top and base must be screwed to a board on the back for the purpose of securing the pieces as a whole (see image). That piece of wood, on the back, secures both parts and is not original to the piece. When moving, it is recommended that the top and bottom be separated so the marble top can be removed and safeguarded during shipping as well as making the piece easier to move. All together the cabinet weighs 150 lbs.

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