Circa 1910 Edwardian Satinwood Hand Painted Game Table

This magnificent Circa 1910 Edwardian Satinwood hand-painted game table displays signs of fine craftsmanship and ingenuity. From the 17th to the 19th Century, card and board games were means to socialize and gamble large sums of money among the wealthy. Game tables are an example of specialized furniture beautifully crafted by a skilled cabinet-maker for such clients. When not in use, the envelope top has such an elegant hand-painted floral design and fine maple inlay that makes it too lovely to conceal by placing anything on top. Closed, it can decorate any hallway or entryway. On casters, the table can be easily moved from room to room, which makes it very versatile. The maple inlay detail continues on the sides and drawers, showing no detail of elegance was spared. Once you swivel the top, it opens up to a flat green felt surface for playing cards. It has a rosewood and satinwood parquetry chessboard and cribbage board that pulls out in the front with brass knobs. The interior is a mahogany drawer with compartments for the storage of play pieces. The wooden chess pieces are not as old. The lock on the right side is in working order and opens to a hidden compartment with a built-in tantalus accompanied by fine crystal decanters, perfect for pouring a drink before a game. The left side is a dummy drawer to symmetrically continue the aesthetics of the design to its entirety. As a commissioned piece of work, this museum-quality piece is perfect for any collector or connoisseur of rare, one of a kind antiques.

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