Meet Maker and Creator, Mr. Richard M. Weisz

Richard M. Weisz is an internationally renowned antiquarian who began his career as a collector since he was old enough to walk and collect bottle caps and marbles. When asked as a child if he knew that he would become successful, he replied, “Yes! I was born ready!” On their way to work at his father’s grocery store, Richard passed the time listening to his father’s stories of American history, public figures and world events. Mesmerized, Richard developed a fascination for history and stamps. His hobby of collecting stamps furthered his enthusiasm to delve further into history, world events, and geography. By the age of nine, Richard’s stamp collection eventually led to his career as a philatelist at the age of twenty-one. The Philatelic world brought opportunities for local and overseas travel, which became Richard’s second passion.

While in Germany, Richard decided to purchase his wife a beer stein at a local flea market. Unbeknown to Richard, that stein was a highly collectible antique. That’s when the light bulb went on and Richard veered into the world of antiques and decided to devote his life to searching for and finding unusual, rare, but quality antiques to share with everyone. In 1964, Richard established Richard M Weisz Antiques Incorporated in Woodstock, IL in his farmhouse and barn, where he restored the furniture. Eventually, Richard relocated to Chicago, IL where the evolution of Antique Resources was born.

Richard’s firsthand knowledge and educational background make him one of Chicago’s premier antique experts. Richard is a frequent advisor to moviemakers and theater companies. His antiques have appeared in such productions as Public Enemies, The Babe, Hoodlums, and The Untouchables, amongst others. He has made special appearances on television. Richard’s goal is to continue to make antiques available to everyone and to encourage future generations to remember their past as they enjoy their present.