Modern Baroque Style Cristallino Bullicante and Ultramarine Blue Trim Murano Chandelier


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Experience the historical grandeur of this Baroque-inspired modern interpretation Murano chandelier, featuring six gracefully scrolling arms, each adorned with generously sized cups and sprouting fronds at its center. The chandelier’s luminous, aqueous glass is beautifully complemented by rich ultramarine blue trim, ensuring it sparkles without illumination.

This stunning piece features the renowned bullicante technique, characterized by captivating bubble patterns embedded within the glass, evoking the charm of gently effervescent water.

Produced in the legendary glass houses of Murano, this chandelier is not just a lighting fixture but a piece of art, reflecting centuries of glassmaking excellence. The intricate details and masterful craftsmanship make it an exceptional statement piece that promises to elevate the sophistication of any space it occupies, traditional or contemporary.

Dimensions without ceiling cover and chain: H=34 in. W=24 in. D=24 in. 20 lbs.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions L 37 x W 37 x H 34 in


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This chandelier is rewired to meet US electrical standards. It takes six base-size bulbs, incandescent or LED. Each light bulb can use up to a maximum of 60 watts. This fixture requires a canopy and chain which is not included. Three feet of wire at the top can be adjusted to the preferred height.

Glassblown and molded by hand, no part is identical. There might be natural imperfections, but no chips, or cracks in the glass. Handcrafted, the moldings on the stem are not symmetrical. It is intact and not missing any parts or screws. The bottom aluminum bowl screws on to secure it to the body within the glass cover. Please see all the images, especially the close-ups. Parts are disassembled and require assembly.

This fixture will require special handling and shipping by an experienced white glove service experienced in dismantling, packaging, and reassembling upon installation. To ship, it is dissembled. Dimensions without ceiling cover and chain: H=34 in. W=37 in. D=37 in. 15 lbs.

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