Mid-Century Red and Opaline Murano Chandelier by Mazzega


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This dazzling mid-century opaline and scarlet-red Murano glass chandelier by Mazzega features six undulating arms with bell-shaped cups. The opaline glass veers towards a light blue hue, subtly shifting with changes in light. Three tiers of swirling glass embellishments adorn this piece, emanating from the bulbous central column. The central bowl is spiraled, creating a delicate ribbing effect in the glass. This fixture’s design masterfully combines modern and historical elements, resulting in a lively centerpiece. The opulent glass hues create a striking contrast between light and color, making it ideal for spaces where design is paramount.

The glasshouses on the island of Murano are renowned for their highly ornamented glass chandeliers, crafted through the inflation of molten glass followed by cutting, pincering, and other intricate techniques. AV Mazzega, founded in 1946 by Angelo Vittorio Mazzega, has specialized in creating glass lighting fixtures, particularly prominent in the 1970s and 1980s. Mazzega products are manufactured in accordance with Murano glass traditions and are celebrated for their elegant and timeless designs.

The body and arms of this piece are made of opaline and colored Venetian glass. Opaline glass is typically rendered bluish-white by the addition of calcium phosphate (bone ash) and made opalescent by the inclusion of fluorides. The deep red hue of the colored glass is achieved by adding gold chloride to the silica during melting. Achieving such vibrant colors requires incredible precision in proportions and timings. This chandelier exemplifies bold design, resulting in a striking centerpiece.

Dimensions without ceiling cover and chain: H=27 in. W=31 in. D=31 in. 15 lbs.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions L 31 x W 31 x H 27 in

Blown glass

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Style / Period

Mid Century Modern


Rewired to US electrical standards, the chandelier takes six base-size bulbs, either incandescent or LED. Three feet of wire at the top can be adjusted to your preferred length. Please note that this fixture requires a canopy and chain, which are not included.

As it is glassblown, no two parts are identical. The tips of the curls are not smoothly polished but are not chipped either.

The metal bases of the arms and extensions feature screw-on caps, each numbered. These caps secure the parts in place. Each metal base must have these screw-on caps; without them, the parts will fall out.

Please see all the images, especially the close-ups, for a detailed view of the chandelier's condition.

The chandelier is disassembled and will require assembly. Due to its delicate nature, special handling and shipping by an experienced white glove service are recommended. This service should be experienced in dismantling, packaging, and reassembling the fixture upon installation. For shipping purposes, the fixture is disassembled.

Dimensions without ceiling cover and chain: H=27 in. W=31 in. D=31 in. 15 lbs.

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