Mid-Century Chinese Coffee Table with Mother of Pearl Inlay


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This beautifully hand-carved coffee table features a marble inset top with mother-of-pearl inlay decoration. These tables are popular due to their beautiful aesthetic, craftsmanship, and overall attention to detail. Many coffee tables were originally meant for people to sit on them, however, they soon became a visual component of living rooms. This table has cherry blossoms that dot the apron and crawl up the legs. Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower of the spring and bring a sense of renewal. For the Chinese, the cherry blossom’s intricate structure reflected the importance of teamwork and kinship. Today there are over fifty varieties of flowering cherry blossoms that exist in China. They are an important part of the culture.

The table stands on four simply structured straight legs. While the table’s silhouette is somewhat basic, the sides of the top have lovely inlaid aprons. The nice curve of the aprons resembles the diamond-like pattern and circular motifs on the outside. Overall this is a stunning and elegant coffee table The wood paired with the mother of pearl and ocean water swirly marble make it a one-of-a-kind. H=18.5 in. W=48 in. D=26 in. 90 lbs.

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Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions L 26 x W 48 x H 18.5 in




Place of origin



Hardwood / Marble/ Mother-of-Pearl


One of the marble panels of the tabletop has a fracture. There is also wood separation from shrinkage. There are pieces of mother-of-pearl missing on the apron and legs. However, the table is stable and strong. At 90 lbs, the marble top does not separate from the bottom. H=18.5 in. W=48 in. D=26 in. 90 lbs.

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