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Pair of Mid-19th Century French Régence Style Fauteuils: Full of French charm, this French Régence Style pair of armchairs have been updated with modern fabrics that are in keeping with the spirit of the period. French Régence was a brief period during the Louis XV period (1715-23) of Philippe II, Duc d’Orléans. It has the features of Louis XV designs but in a more controlled fashion due to the combination of both the late Baroque and early Rococo influences. Seating was kept smaller in scale than Louis XIV seating, while offering a more intimate, less formal function with curvilinear elements such as the beloved cabriole legs. These hand-carved beech fauteuils armchairs have arms that flow into the arm post, and into the side rail with a bit of restraint to the curves. The arm posts were kept pulled back to allow for the latest fashion.

They have been updated with contemporary blue upholstery in patterns inspired by nature that invites relaxation. Designer Stephanie Sarris chose Fabricut’s ‘Pintura’ which is a strong durable fabric made from a combination of cotton, polyester, and viscose for the seat and arm cushions. This fabric not only elevates the overall aesthetic but also is easy to clean. The multicolored blue and white pattern resembles a flowing blue stream creating frothy white streaks of foam that ebbs seamlessly into the beech frame of the chairs. The back of the chairs has a printed fabric that features small-scale matching blue tree sprigs on a textured soft white brush cotton background by Cowtan and Tout. In tune with French Régence, the sprigs, although representative of nature, are orderly and repetitive. This fabric is from Jane Churchill’s collection in ‘Rydall blue.’ These nature elements unify with the decorative designs on the frame of the chairs giving them a more elevated look while also maintaining their rich history.

Bigger chair:
Overall H= 36.5 in. W=22 in. D= 22 in., 22 lbs.
Additional measurements:
Seat H (floor to seat)= 18 in. W=18.5 in. D= 18 in.
Arm H (floor to arm)= 26.5 in., D (back to front)= 11 in.
Back H (seat to top)= 20.5 in. W= 14 in.

Smaller chair:
Overall H= 35 in. W= 23 in. D= 23 in. 20 lbs.
Additional measurements:
Seat H (floor to seat)= 18 in. W= 19 in. D= 18 in.
Arm H (floor to arm)= 26 in., D (back to front)= 11 in.
Back H (seat to top)= 21 in. W=14 in.

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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions L 22 x W 22 x H 36.5 in

French Régence Style

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beech wood


One chair is slightly bigger than the other, as they were hand-carved. Both chairs are sturdy and stable and do not require any restoration. They have had repairs and show slight signs of woodworm that were professionally eradicated. They have been recently waxed.

The back of the smaller chair was repaired and reinforced. The union of the left arm shows a repair along the back. There are also signs of slight woodworm along the legs (see images) which have been professionally eradicated. The back legs, along with the seat frame, show nail marks (see images). Although luxurious, the fabrics are not performance fabrics.
Total weight= 42 lbs. or 22 lbs each.

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