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This 18th Century French Louis XV Period fauteuil avec des courbes chair has been excellently crafted. Gentle S-curves and naturalistic floral motifs are characteristic of the period. It is theorized that during this period, the increased social prominence of women influenced the more delicate designs of the Louis XV chairs. Unlike its predecessor, Louis XV furniture was designed not for the vast palace stateroom of Versailles, but for the smaller more intimate salons. Pieces were designed and created to be easily rearranged and moved from room to room. These fauteuils were popular because they were slightly larger and designed with comfort in mind. This fauteuil has characteristics of the middle Louis XV period. It has a cartouche-shaped back with a crest rail having a central floral medallion. The flowers are a daisy and a chrysanthemum, which represented love and joy. Meanwhile, the overall silhouette of the seat is very curvaceous.

During this period, gentle sloping curves were preferred for their feminine and dainty look. The armrests are shorter than most chairs so that they could accommodate fuller skirts that were in fashion. Both the arms and legs of the chair mirror each other and have been excellently carved in the cabriole style. Overall, this is a beautifully carved chair that embodies French charm and grace.

Over time, the original purple satin upholstery had become worn in spots. Due to this, we knew that it would be a perfect candidate for this collection. To emphasize the feminine features, designer Stephanie Sarris chose a 100% woven polyester fabric with a unique diamond and circular pattern resembling pink encrusting Cyphastrea coral. It is from the house of Thibault, which was established in the late 19th century. The fabric is called ‘Pixie’ and is from their Landmark collection. The color is coral and peony. What is amazing about this fabric is that it is highly UV resistant and has stain-resistant technology. It will expand the longevity of this item.

A vibrant pivoine pink cotton and viscose blend fabric, called ‘Maroquin II’ from Manuel Canovas at Cowtan & Tout, complements the dots of the pink coral patterned fabric. It features a shiny viscose warp and a filling in mercerized cotton within tone gradations. It has movement and shine. The new European fabrics really elevate the entire armchair. The result is a chair that makes one feel “Pretty in Pink” in a modern-day boudoir or space needing femininity.

Overall H= 36 in. W= 24 in. D= 25 in. 25 lbs.
Additional measurements:
Seat H (floor to seat) =18 in. W=20 in. D:18 in.
Arm H (floor to arm) =25 in., D (back to front)=11 in.
Back H (seat to top)=20 in. W=16 in.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions L 25 x W 24 x H 36 in
Year / Century


Place of Origin


Style / Period

Louis XV


beech wood


There is wear all around the wooden frame due to age. It has a repair on the right side of its back. The base of the seat and the back show signs of woodworm. However, the woodworm has been professionally eradicated. Ultimately, it is sturdy and stable and does not require any restoration. It has been recently waxed. Although luxurious, the fabrics are not performance fabrics. Overall H= 36 in. W= 24 in. D= 25 in. 25 lbs.

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