French Mid Century Modern Fixture


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French Mid-Century Modern fixture with three lights shining up and three lights shining down encased in glass globes with four gilt circle spheres lines around the globes. The unique design was inspired either by memories of chemistry lab or water balloons. The sleek chrome arms seem to pour themselves into round lab flasks. Accordingly, when turned on, the shades look as if lit by Bunsen burners. All the while, brightening up the space while adding an upbeat modern urban feel. If needed, the column rod of the fixture can be shortened.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions L 21 x W 21 x H 37 in
Style / Period

Mid Century Modern

Year / Century


Place of Origin



Glass / Chrome / Gold Leaf


The chandelier uses six base light bulbs. Each light bulb can use up to max of 60 watts. We recommend using LED lights because it helps preserve the antique fixtures better and longer. Antique chandeliers might have to be adapted to modern houses. This fixture can be mounted to the ceiling. Please check with your electrician or contractor for additional specifics on installing antique chandeliers. All sockets work and the chandelier has been rewired to meet US electrical standards. There are light scratches on the glass globes and chrome which is normal and happens over time. Some of the gold leaf on the glass globes has been worn off. On one of the globes, the gold leaf is almost gone. All the globes are original to the fixture and are intact. The chrome has worn and is soft rather than shiny, but no pitting. Will be happy to provide more closeup images. If desired, the length of the fixture can be shortened.

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