Early 20th Century Qing Style Chinese Blue and White Hat Stand


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During the Qing dynasty, clothing was used to symbolize rank and status. Hats were displayed on decorative stands that eventually became known as “hat stands”. These stands would have been scented with fragrant materials, which diffused through holes to infuse the owner’s hat with rich aromas. The conveniently placed quatrefoil cutouts in this 20th-century hat stand are a customary feature.

Hand-painted pixiu are portrayed playfully around the entirety of the body. The pixiu is a mix of a dragon and a lion and is often mistaken for the chimera. This mythical creature was often associated with bringing wealth as well as a guardian of the home. Behind each vignette are abstract images of clouds, flowers, and ribbons. This beautifully decorated hat stand exudes opulence and style. It will be a great addition to any home.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions L 4.75 x W 4.75 x H 11.5 in
Style / Period

Qing Style

Year / Century

Early 20th Century

Place of Origin



Porcelain / Cobalt


There is a faint crack from the production that runs halfway down the length of the body. Scattering of pinholes and air bubbles on the glaze throughout. The snowy white paste of the unglazed foot rim paired with the manner and decoration indicates that the piece was made recently. Additionally, there are two minuscule chips on the foot rim.

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