Early 20th Century Chinese Bronze Bixie Figure

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This Chinese mythological creature is considered a powerful protector of Feng Shui called a pixiu. They are auspicious animals with the head of a dragon, the body of a lion, and often sport either one or two horns depending on gender.

This bronze figurine is a female due to its two ram-like horns. Female Pixius, often referred to as Bíxíe, are known for warding off evil and assisting those with bad Feng shui. It is in a standing position meaning it is active and “on duty”. It’s best to display these creatures in an office or home setting to attract luck and prosperity. Makes a wonderful wedding present or gift for someone starting their life journey.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions L 4 x W 8 x H 11 in
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Year / Century

Mid 20th Century

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Entirely handmade, it is one of a kind. The casting is a stylized version of a bronze type made during the Han dynasty with a few aspects not unlike Shang pieces. This casting is however early 20th century. There is some corrosion on the belly. Has some traces of white paste in the crevices. Originally nickel on bronze, almost all the nickel has worn off, but for a few spots. Has scratches throughout and a nice patina from age. The left rear leg is not perpendicular to the like the other three, there it does not make contact with the floor. Part of the design, it does not wobble.

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