Large Mid-Century Chinese Spinach Jade Horse Sculpture


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Warhorses were the pride of the Tang dynasty, a time known for its prosperity, military expansion, and artistic achievement. Unlike other Chinese dynasties, Tang emperors were recognized for their openness to new ideas regarding religion, music, art, and even philosophy. Since the horses were so popular and respected, they became the subject of many artists. The Tang horses are often emblems of wealth and power, embodying rank, and speed. This Tang horse statue, has the horse lifting one hoof. According to urban legend, a horse with one hoof raised indicates its rider was wounded.

Done in the Tang style, the entirety of this Mid-century statue is spinach jade, which the Chinese at one point valued more than its Russian, Canadian, and even Kiwi counterparts. The horse wears a crupper, a strap that is buckled underneath the tail to prevent the saddle from slipping forward. There is a pale green stone in the crupper that catches the eye. The tail appears to have either been docked or knotted to prevent distraction for the rider. While the most valuable Tang and Tang Style horses are made from porcelain, the value of this spinach jade horse is its uniquely large size. It will be the perfect addition to any foyer or living area.

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Weight 155 lbs
Dimensions L 8 x W 19 x H 23.5 in
Style / Period

Tang Style

Year / Century


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Nephrite aka Spinach Jade/ Lacquered Hardwood


Restoration was done to the posterior hind legs. However, it is stable and unnoticeable due to the characteristics of spinach jade. It is 80 lbs. despite its size. Jade has a glossy finish. Comes with a hardwood lacquered base. Keep in mind this item is 80 lbs and should only be placed on a surface that can withstand its weight.

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