Pair of 20th Century Life-Size Striated Pink Marble Lions

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This stunning pair of life-size striated salmon pink marble lions were meticulously hand-carved from single slabs of marble each. The salmon pink marble has a lovely color, with white and grey flecks and veins which give the lions a more textured look. The lions do not have manes, making them either female lions or the maneless African lions that are usually found in hot climates, like the famous Tsavo man-eating lions.

Each of the lions is in a mid-roar with a fierce gaze, standing on slabs of textured marble that resemble grassland. Both lions are on all four paws in a stance that shows their courageous demeanor out in the wild. Throughout history, lions have symbolized courage, strength, and excellence. In noble British tradition, placing lion sentinels outside castles or manor gates showed wealth and position. These majestic, poised lion statues will lend strength and courage whether flanking an entryway or standing sentinel near a grand entrance.

Dimensions of lion A: H= 33 in. W= 64 in. D= 20 in.
Dimensions of lion B: H= 33 in. W= 64 in. D= 20 in.

Approx. 2000 lbs. each. 4000 lbs. Total

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Weight 4000 lbs
Dimensions L 20 x W 64 x H 33 in
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Striated Pink Marble

Additional Dimensions

Dimensions of lion A: H= 33 in. W= 64 in. D= 20 in.
Dimensions of lion B: H= 33 in. W= 64 in. D= 20 in.
Approx. 2000 lbs. each. 4000 lbs. Total


The lions are hand-carved on a single slab of marble so there might be slight differences making them unique and one-of-a-kind. The marble is a salmon-pink tone marble having striations of rose pink, grey, and white. They were hand-sculpted in China. Overall, the pair of marble lions are in good condition. The tails of both lions have been professionally repaired. The repairs are completely unnoticeable. The striations on the marble along with imperfections such as nicks and scratches make the lions look rugged and fierce.

Lion A has unnoticeable chips along the hair fringe on the rump area, including a nick near the bottom part of the tail. Lion B has a chip on its ear and scrapes on its shoulder and loin. They are hard to see as they blend into the striations. We left them alone as lions in nature do have maul and scratch marks. The face of Lion B in the images looks like it has a crack, but it is a striation. Lion B has a minuscule blemish on the tip of the tail we magnified. Please review all images carefully. We will be happy to provide more close-up images upon request.

They are unsigned. Due to the weight (2000 lbs. each, 4000 total), they require special handling that consists of logistics, equipment, tools, and experience handling heavy breakable items.

Marble statues can be placed outside, but they may deteriorate over time due to exposure to weather conditions such as rain, sun, and wind. To prevent or reduce deterioration, you need to properly care for them and maintain them regularly. Over time, even with proper care, marble statues may still require repair and restoration. It's recommended to consult a professional marble restoration expert to maintain the beauty and longevity of the statues.

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