Early 19th Century Austrian Hiking Staff

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This one-of-a-kind Austrian hiking staff has been handcrafted from solid oak. Oak is a relatively lightweight yet sturdy material, which lends itself perfectly as a hiking staff. Many handmade staffs were created in Austria, due to its geographic location. This particular one is topped with a silver cap that has been hand-chased with a crown as well as floral details. Playing off of the cap are five silver bands spaced throughout the body of the staff. Each motif has an ornate nature-like design composed of flowers and decorative leaves. At the bottom of the staff, there is a brass tip, a common element of hiking staff. It helps improve the comfort of use by absorbing some of the impact of the stick against the ground while also increasing longevity. The contrast between the silver and oak creates a beautiful rustic look. This particular staff would be a conversation-starting piece for any home needing an organic element or a great gift for an outdoor enthusiast.

Top Circumference= 2.25 in. , Bottom Circumference=0.25 in. Length= 52.5 in. 5 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions L 2.25 x W 2.25 x H 52.5 in
Year / Century

Early 19th Century

Place of Origin




Additional Dimensions

Top Circumference= 2.25 in. , Bottom Circumference=.25 in. Length= 52.5 in.


The patina on the wood brings out the natural grain of the wood. There are minor scratches and nicks on the wood, but no repairs.

The patina on the silver highlights the floral details. There are dents, dings, and scratches on the silver. However, no parts are missing.

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