Circa 1815 French Empire convertible Mahogany Shaving Stand


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This elegant mahogany shaving stand with a white marble top has a mechanized mercury glass mirror that can be pulled up or pushed down when the stand is being used for other purposes. When the mirror is down, it creates a mirrored backing for the bottom shelf. Or, it can be taken off completely.

This two-tier stand offers four drawers for storage: one drawer on the top right side, and three drawers at the bottom. The right drawer has a removable crescent tin receptacle. Details such as shield design brass escutcheons, ebonized caryatids, and lion claw feet harbor back to monumental Greco-Roman ancient art that inspired this spectacular period.

This piece will add style and sophistication to a bedroom when used as a toiletry or makeup stand. It will surely create a spotlight for pictures, flowers, and other decorative items if used as a display cabinet.

When the mirror is in a complete downward self-storage position, it is 46 inches in height. When the mirror is fully in an upright position on the stand, it is 61.75 inches in height. Width= 20 in. Depth= 16.5 in.

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Weight 82 lbs
Dimensions L 16.5 x W 20 x H 61.75 in
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Mahogany wood


The mechanized mercury glass mirror can be pulled up or pushed down by pressing a brass button on the back right corner of the mirror casing (see image). The mercury glass has slight oxidation towards the bottom of the mirror (hard to photograph – see image).The oxidation of the mirror is not readily visible since its near the bottom. There are no cracks or scratches on the glass. The bottom section of the mahogany veneer mirror trim has wear from pulling in and out. It can be taken out completely. The back of the mirror and stand are unfinished as it is meant to go against a wall and not freestanding.

The top and bottom marble are white with some grey veining throughout. The top marble has a few scratches but no cracks or repairs. The bottom marble top has a repair to a small, angled crack on the back right corner that blends in with the grey veining and is not noticeable.

The three oak-lined drawers have brass shield escutcheons and locks. However, the old European locks do not work. There is a key that can be used to open the drawers if used as a handle/pull only.

Both sides of the mahogany stand have cracks in the veneer the go from top to bottom. The mahogany has a wonderful patina and minuscule scratches throughout, that are consistent with wear from a piece that is more than 200 years old.

For transport, the mirror pulls completely, and the marble top comes off. The marble top weighs 20 lbs., the stand weighs 60 lbs., and the mirror 2 lbs., for a total of 82 lbs.

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