Circa 1910 American Lady of the Grapes Coral and Gold Cameo Brooch/Pendant


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Early 20th Century American Lady of the Grapes Coral cameo with diamonds. Stamped 14k gold. Cameo Brooch/Pendant measuring approximately 20.70 x 16.00 mm and five old cushion cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.40 carat total. The profile cameos depict a Roman lady facing left with a crown of leaves and grapes adorning her hair. The beautiful carved coral is encased in a lovely 14K minuscule rope trim around the scrollwork. It functions both as a brooch for the daytime and as a pendent to showcase ones ravishing d├ęcolletage during the fancy balls of yesteryear and the classic fashions of today.

Weighs 13 dwt, 8 grams

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Dimensions L 0.5 x W 1.25 x H 2 in
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United States of America


Coral, 14 Karat yellow gold, diamond


The safety catch pin closure is in good working order and stamped 14K and no signs of sodering. The gold has a patina that highlights the minuscule rope trim around the scrollwork. Three of the anthemions on the frame appear to have the middle petal shortened to match one of the other's, who's middle petal broke. The only complete anthemion is the bottom center. This would be hard to see unless you use a microscope. The optional bail on the back has an old soder but is secure. It includes a pendent bail to take a change and turn into a necklace.

There is glue stain on the back, indicating the cameo had come loose and was put back and secured with glue. The coral is in one piece but cut in three layers. Being hand carved makes this cameo unique and one of a kind. The coral has microscopic hairlines fractures and tiny chips that are acceptable for antique cameos. The diamonds have old cushion cuts and are irregular indicating they are hand cut. We will be happy to provide more closeup images upon request.

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