17th Century Charles II English Cupboard


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This is a Circa 1660 Charles II English cupboard. This style was characterized by elaborate carvings and large frames. During Charles II’s reign, there was a revival in the art and design of furniture-making, despite the challenges that arose from the Great Fire of London in 1666 and the subsequent plague outbreak. This piece has been excellently crafted and carved entirely from oak. Oak was prized for its durability. It is not uncommon to find Charles II English furniture pieces in excellent condition, even centuries after they were made.

Cupboards were popular furniture pieces in the 17th Century and were used for the storage of food or linens. The front doors of this cupboard have inset panels with a geometric design of rectangles with linear trim molding around them. Separating the doors is a vertical beaded column molding that adds contrast to the stark lines of the rectangle designs. By the hinges, there are spherical column moldings that add decoration as well as elongate the look of the cupboard. The two doors swing open to reveal three sturdy shelves and a bottom storage area. Inside the top shelf, you can see that there are original wooden pegs that are meant for hanging items. This historical piece would look great in any room, especially a large bedroom or dining room. Owning a piece of Charles II furniture is a testament to the enduring legacy of British craftsmanship, as well as an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and elegance of furniture from a bygone era.

Cupboard Closed: H= 72 in., W= 48 in., D= 21 in., 300 lbs.
Cupboard Wide Opened: H= 72 in., W= 74 in., D= 38 in., 300 lbs.
Top Shelf space: H = 12 in. W= 45 in. D= 16 in.
Middle Shelf space: H = 13 in. W= 45 in. D= 16 in.
Lower Shelf space: H = 10 in. W= 45 in. D= 16 in.
Inner Bottom storage: H in. 23 in. W= 45 in. D= 16 in.

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Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions L 20.5 x W 48 x H 73 in
Style / Period

Charles II

Year / Century

17th Century

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This rare beauty was hand carved so there might be some slight imperfections making this piece unique and one of a kind. There is a rich patina on the oak. It has been recently waxed. There are slight scratches and nicks from age, but it is sturdy. The back is unfinished because it was meant to be up against a wall and not free-standing. The wooden nobs open and close the door panels and lock them in place by means of a wooden door catch. Everything is handmade, even the nails. There is some separation in the wood due to age. One of the shelves has two wooden brackets added to brace the shelf and fix slight warping. Please be cautious with the amount of weight if you choose to use wooden pegs to hang items. It is meant for light items, The shelves are removable, However, it does not disassemble in parts and is constructed to be moved as one entire piece weighing 300 lbs. Please keep this in mind when picking it up or moving it.

H= 73 in. W= 48 in. D= 20.5 in. 300 lb.

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