Set of Three Edwardian Watercolors by Douglas Anderson


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This trio of water-colored paintings is by the artist Douglas Anderson. Due to the signed date at the bottom of the work, it is believed to be the British artist, rather than the American. The use of watercolor was big during this time since they could produce painting effects that no other medium could match. They were also relatively inexpensive, which allowed many artists to paint. These pieces show a couple throughout different city landscapes. Both the man and woman wear clothes indicative of the 1900s. Anderson used a bright pink color to paint the young woman’s dress and hat. The bold color contrasts nicely with the muted beige tones of the background. Meanwhile, the man’s outfits are more simplistic, with neutral coloring. However, through the paintings, his necktie, vest, and top hat each have a touch of pink color to match his companion’s. This small detail beautifully ties the pieces together, exposing a storyline, rather than multiple ones. In the first painting, the couple strolls through a riverwalk, and the city lights are lit behind them. Anderson has taken a bit of an impressionist approach with the building behind them, using small strokes to create an outline of the cathedral-like building. In the second painting, the couple meets in a plaza, gazing longingly at one another. Finally, the third piece is at a concert night. Overall, there is a sense of companionship and longevity. The narrow framing of the piece highlights that Anderson wanted the eye to focus on the couple, rather than the other elements around them. There are visible brushstrokes that give the paintings natural movement. The lighting is cool and more on the grayscale, which just helps focus the eye on the subject matter. These three paintings are wonderful works of early 20th-century art that would look beautiful in any home.

Each H= 12.5 in. W= 7.75 in. D= 1 in. All three are approx 5 lbs.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions L 1 x W 7.75 x H 12.5 in
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Paper / Watercolors / Glass / Wood


There are no stains on the artwork. No damage to the glass or wooden frame (see images).

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