Mid-Century Chinese Coromandel Black Lacquered and Gilt Eight-Panel Screen Room Divider

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his double-sided eight-panel Coromandel export black lacquered screen depicts a natural landscape with birds, trees, and chrysanthemums. In the Coromandel lacquer technique, a layer several millimeters thick of chalk mixed with clay is applied to wooden panels and then covered again with a thin layer of black lacquer. Images are then carved into the chalk through the layer of lacquer resulting in a rich, black background with vibrant detailed designs. The border and some elements such as the trees and foliage are of gold leaf for added richness.

Rather than just a picturesque scenery, these elements are symbols that represent different aspects of Chinese history and culture. Flower-and-bird images symbolize beauty, virtue, and good fortune. “Birds”, in particular, represent freedom, peace, and harmony. The chrysanthemum generally conveys positive qualities and values held in high regard in Chinese culture such as strength and perseverance, resilience and courage. The bottom has auspicious circle symbols surrounded by dragons. The gold leaf “dragons” symbolize power, strength, and good luck. This amazing 8-panel screen can add a touch of elegance and positivity to a space.

Measurements: (8-Panels) Each H=84 in. W=16 in. D=0.75 in.
Open to the maximum: H=84 in. W=144 in. D=0.75 in.
Completely closed: H=84 in. W=8 in. D=16 in.
Approximately 200 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions L 1 x W 144 x H 84 in
Year / Century

Mid Century

Style / Period

Asian / Oriental / Chinese

Place of Origin



Lacquered Wood / Paint / Gold Leaf/ Metal


There is some wear to the gold leaf, paint, and lacquer as well as several spots throughout where the paint or lacquer has chipped. Due to the size, we could not post closeups of all these spots but will be happy to provide further images upon request. However, please do look at the closeup images and compare them to the medium and full shot images to get a perspective. In our opinion these chips are inconspicuous. The edges show slight wear from handling. The metal hinges work properly. Overall it is intact not missing any parts and in good condition for its age. Large and heavy it requires white glove shipping using materials and methods for packing oil paintings. Approximately 200 lbs. H=84 in. W=8 in. D=16 in. Recommend bundling two panels separately for a total of 4 separate packages making each 50 lbs. for a manageable weight. The metal pins come off to fold the two panels.

Additional Dimensions

Open to the maximum: H=84 in. W=144 in. D=0.75 in.
Completely closed: H=84 in. W=8 in. D=16 in.
Approximately 200 lbs.

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