Early 20th Century French Neoclassical with Ormolu and Frosted Etched Glass Pendant Chandelier


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This early 20th-century pendant chandelier was made in the Neoclassical style, which originated in Europe in the early 18th Century. The Neoclassical style was characterized by its symmetry and a return to ancient Greek and Roman motifs. The eye-catching ram heads on the fixture are prominent neoclassical motifs. Rams were multifaceted symbols of ancient Greek culture, being associated with Zeus, Ares, and the myth of the golden fleece.

The artisan captured the metaphors by intricately carving ridges in the horns, the coarseness of the hair, and fierce piercing eyes. Peta-like palmettes decorated the trim and are etched into the glass bowl and finial. Three chains are attached to the rim, connecting the piece to the crown.

Entirely coated with ormolu, the richness, and original appearance remains timeless. A rope made of natural fibers runs down the middle, concealing the electrical wire.

H=36 in. W=18 in. D=18 in. 35 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions L 18 x W 18 x H 36 in



Early 20th century

Place of Origins



Gilt Bronze / Gilt Brass / Frosted Etched Glass


This chandelier is rewired to meet US electrical standards. It has four base sockets for either LEDs or incandescent. This fixture requires a canopy and chain which is not included. Please check with your electrician or contractor for additional specifics on installing this type of chandelier before purchase.

The stem cannot be shortened, the chains are soldered and the electrical cord is within the center rope. There are three inconspicuous chips along the edge of the glass bowl (see images). The bronze and brass are coated with ormolu. The ormolu is in mint condition enhancing the richness and effectively maintaining the original appearance.

H=36 in. W=18 in. D=18 in. 35 lbs.

The bowl comes off for shipping. H=36 in. W=18 in. D=18 in. 30 lbs.

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