Circa 1815 French Bourbon Restoration Period Mahogany Cylinder Desk


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Circa 1815 French Bourbon Restoration period mahogany cylinder desk. Constructed during the Bourbon Restoration period of French history, following the demise of Napoleon in 1814. The brothers of Louis XVI of France came into power and introduced a conservative gentler version of the Empire style.

Brass inlays trim the drawers and top inside drawers with small, stacked shelves in front of the user’s main maple work surface. The one-piece revolving cylinder part also features brass inlays and comes down to hide the working papers when the desk is not in use. This desk features the capacity to slide the desk surface out a few inches to expand the available work area giving the ability to close and lock up the desk without having to move papers.

The difficulty of producing wooden cylinder sections that would not warp over the years, featured in this piece, ensured that such desks were reserved for the wealthy. Variants of this form have slats instead of a one-piece cylinder section. This one-piece cylinder remains in exceptionally good condition.

Weighs approximately 250 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions L 23 x W 49 x H 46 in
Style / Period

French Restoration

Year / Century


Place of Origin



Mahogany / Maple/ Brass


There is veneer separation on the desktop and on sides. Veneer has been replaced in some areas. However, it still has all the original parts despite being restored. Transports in one piece only, weighing approximately 250 lbs. We will be happy to provide more closeup images upon request.

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