19th Century Oil on Canvas by Joseph Caraud titled “Flowers For A Lady”

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Joseph Caraud (French, 1821 – 1905) was a brilliant French genre painter who excelled in the portrayal of Victorian genre scenes of elegant women. He was influenced by Jacques-Louis David (1748–1825), a major authority during the romantic movement in France. David’s artistic concepts focused on the dramas of Victorian life and romanticism along with the courts of Louis XIV, XV, and XVI, and Marie Antoinette. The renowned leader of the Romantic movement, Eugène Delacroix was a contemporary influence for Caraud as well. Caraud’s works are thus imbued with themes of Romanticism resulting from his experiences in Paris and London during that time.

“Flowers for a Lady” is an example of a historical subject in Victorian life that has elements of Romanticism and Realism. Infectious diseases, like tuberculosis, were major causes of Victorian mortality and became popular themes in literature and art. Here, the viewer can feel and sense the concern of the children and family members for the health of the lady of the house, with vivid realism. This painting features a delightful Victorian scene in true Caraud style, there is only one light source, that emanates from the open door, which is used to highlight the importance of the lady to the family. She is the focal point of everyone around her. On a deep level, the painting conveys the love and bond of family. This would be a make a sentimental gift to any lady that gives meaning to your life. The signature can be found on the front lower right corner of the canvas. On average, works by this celebrated artist go as high as six figures.

Canvas only : H: 25.5 in. W: 32.5 in.
With Gilt Frame: H: 32.75 in. W: 39 in. D= 2.5 in.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions L 2.5 x W 39 x H 32.75 in
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Canvas only : H: 25.5 in. W: 32.5 in. With Gilt Frame: H: 32.75 in. W: 39 in. D= 2.5 in.


This exceptional painting comes with its original hand-carved gold leaf wooden frame. There are some nicks and scratches on the frame, as well as some slight separation of the wood on the frontal corners of the frame due to age. These do not affect the overall state of the frame. The canvas is signed. Tape marks on the back of the canvas from what must have been a description or sales tag taped to the back and removed. However, there are no tears. The canvas has been relined due to age and to preserve the original state of the painting. Good condition for its age.

Although we are attempting to providing realistic online images, differences in lighting sources affect the real color contracts of the painting. We will be happy to provide additional images under different lighting sources and further close-up images upon request. Due to its fragile nature from age, this painting requires specialty packing and shipping.

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