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Oil on Canvas by Charles Edouard Delort Oil on Canvas by Alfred Brunele de Neuville Oil On Board Signed Adolphus Knell "Morning in Wales" by J.P. Peltitt Fruit Still Life by James Charles Ward 19th C. Oil on canvas, John Fredrick Herring Jr. 19th C Pair of Marine Oil on Canvas Early 19th Century Continental "The Runaways" "The Runaway" E. Priestley Oil on Canvas Oil Canvas "Study of Two Dogs" by L.W. Prentice Pair of English Mac Gregor Wilson "Village Scenes" Oil on Canvas French Cavalier on Horseback Leasing Dutch Oil on Canvas "Harlem - Holland" James Henry Beard  "A Shared Meal" "Patches the Pooch" Oil on Canvas Oil on Canvas"The Woodman`s Child" Oil on Canvas George Drew Oil On Canvas "Windmill and Ship" Alfred Stannard Oil by John Surtees Dutch Oil by Johannes Christoffel Varrberg Oil on Canvas by George Augustus Holmes Oil on Canvas, signed "Dakin" Oil on canvas, signed "S. Ferry" Oil on Canvas, Louis Timmermans Dutch oil on canvas "fascination" Richard Judson Zolan, oil on board 19th cen. oil portrait, Samuel Waugh Portrait of Dog, signed Joszi Arpád Koppay Floral oil on canvas Oil on canvas, T. Moss Bennet Large oil on canvas signed t. moses Oil on Canvas, William W. Boyle Tavern Scene, oil on canvas, Gustav Prucha Oil on canvas, James Peel "Robin Hoods Bay" 1892 Oil on Canvas, J. D. Wagner Oil on canvas, James Gale Tyler 19th Cen. European Oil on Canvas Edwin L. Meadows "A Berkshire Farm" Oil on Canvas Oil on Canvas by S B Waugh Italian Oil on Canvas James Peel - Oil on Canvas Barn Friends Early 19th Century Landscape Oil on Canvas by Antonio Zoppi 19th Century Belguim Oil on Canvas 19th Century Watercolor by Edward Medcalf Oil on Board E. Garcia Mata Pair of Oil on Canvas by George Earl Oil on Canvas in Manner of WIlson Hepple Sevro, Rodriquez Etchart Oil on Canvas "Hillside Patch" Oil on Canvas Oil on Canvas by Theodore Hines 18th Century Pastel signed Louisa Seyffarth Oil on Canvas by John Macallan Swan Early 19th Century English School Oil on Canvass Oil on Panel by Elek Szamossy "A Helping Hand", by Sydney Potter Portrait Oil on Canvas Oil on Canvas European School "WHITBY from the Jerry" Painting by W. Howard Painting Attributed to  N. Berchere Painting by Alexander Rosell Painting by Enrico Tarenghi Painting by Alois H. Priechenfried Dutch Oil on Canvas Painting Portrait by John Giovanni Califano Oil on Tin Painting Oil on Canvas Attrb. Fredrick John Mulhaupt Pair of Oil on Canvas by George Earl Oil on Canvas by Robert Watson Italian Oil on Canvas by Pennacchetti Oil on Canvas by Pierre-Eugene Gandsire Oil on Canvas by Joseph Caraoud Oil on Canvas by Edward A. Portielje Oil on Canvas by George Adolphus Storey Oil on Canvas, Cesar Pattein Oil on Canvas by Henry H. Parker Oil on Canvas by Eduard Boehm Oil on Canvas by Charles Anson