Vintage Murano Glass Rostrato Table Lamp in the Manner of Ercole Barovier


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Exceptional Murano glass lamp in the manner of Ercole Barovier. Founded in 1295, Barovier is a respected name in Italian Murano glass design. In the 1920-1939’s, designer Ercole Barovier began a 50-year career as the artistic director of Barovier & Toso. This lamp is attributed to his design. This timeless design that first appeared in the 1930s called “Rostrato” by Ercole Barovier and continues to meet today’s home decor needs. These lamps were made in the 1960s, in clear “cristallo” glass that has an outer layer of rows characterized by spikes called “rostri” that protrude from the surface. This Rostrato pattern is done as the glass is cooling off. The natural non-uniform glass spikes made by the skilled glassmith create the allure and beauty of the design.

Due to being handmade, there are irregularities. These signs of natural imperfections make the artistry alluring. Placed on any surface, this accent lamp will glisten like a gem when lit. Use it as a night light in a bedroom, or to call attention to an end table in a living room.

Height=7 in. Width=7.5 in. Depth= 7.5 in. Weight=5 lbs.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions L 7 x W 7 x H 7.5 in
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Murano Glass


This lamp has been rewired to meet US electrical standards and uses one base light bulb with a maximum of sixty watts. We recommend using LED lights because they help preserve the antique fixture longer. However, incandescent light gives it a warmer glow. On the bottom, the lamp has an original groove made for the electrical wire to fit so the lamp is not on top of the wire but rather lays flat on the surface it is placed.

Due to being handmade, there are irregularities. It is these signs of natural imperfections that make the artistry alluring. There are, however, flea bit chips on some of the tips of the spikes that can't be seen (see images).

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