Tibetan Nickel on Bronze Phurba (Kila)


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The word ‘Phur’ translates to ‘peg,’ which in its archaic form, was used as a tent stake. However, it did have a dual purpose and in later years served as a ritual dagger, often used to stake sacrificial animals by shamans. When used in these rituals, the dagger became a spiritual weapon, attracting demons or negative spiritual energies and transmuting them. The dagger is sectioned into three parts, the hilt, the handle, and the blade. Together they represent the three realms, the upper, middle, and underworld. The hilt on this dagger has three faces of Vajrakīla, a powerful deity who embodies the enlightened activity of all the Buddhas. The handle features a wave-like cage design, serving as the connection between hilt and blade. Furthermore, the blade features an eagle and three snakes, an overt symbol of the struggle between good and evil, light, and dark. There are three sides on the blade, representing (once again) the unity of all three worlds. On the bottom side of the blade, there are two snakes intertwined, another representation of Buddha. This is a unique item with a complex and interesting history. It would be a great showpiece for any room.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions L 3.5 x W 2.5 x H 14 in
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Early 20th Century

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Nickel on Bronze


Some noticeable porosity in bronze casting, due to air being trapped during the solidification process. There are also some slight scratches and nicks throughout from wear and age. A rich patina covers the entirety and there are no repairs and it is still in its original form.

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