The Shepherdess by Pezant Aymar Alexandre (French 1846-1916)


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The Shepherdess is an oil on canvas by the respected animal painter, Aymar Alexandre Pezant (French 1846-1916). Being a native of Normandy, Pezant absorbed the rich tradition of painting landscapes and scenes of daily life. Influenced by Vuillefroy Felix Dominique, Pezant dedicated most of his talent to the depiction of cattle and cows in plush landscapes. He often played with the effects of half-light on the landscapes. Later in life, he achieved multiple awards and recognitions.

This specific painting depicts a typical day of a countrywoman guiding a small herd into their pen with trig in hand. Her relaxed demeanor shows she is experienced in handling and guiding the flock. True to realism, the scene is ordinary and expressionless and offers the viewer a glimpse of this lady’s day. Anticipating getting grain to eat, the lead sheep makes her way into the pen without objection.

Aymar does a magnificent job of using color to portray a sunset atmosphere. The overall tone of the painting is calm and peaceful. It is a wonderful work of art from a well-respected artist and is signed and dated 1876.
With Frame: H= 20 in. W= 18 in. D= 2 in.
Canvas: H= 15 in. W= 13.25 in.

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Dimensions L 2 x W 18 x H 20 in
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Realism / Naturalism

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Additional Dimensions

No Frame (Measured from the front) H: 15 in. W: 13.25 in.


It is an oil on canvas that has been glued on a pine board that has been stained to prevent warping. There are some small areas of unevenness on the front of the canvas from trapped air bubbles. A glossy varnish has been applied to the canvas. The gilt frame is not original to the painting and is of a later date. Restoration to the canvas has been done to help the oil from yellowing.

Although we are attempting to providing realistic online images, differences in lighting sources affect the real color contracts of the painting. We will be happy to provide additional images under different lighting sources and further close-up images upon request.

However, we recommend you consider the lighting in your home and how different lighting sources preserve the painting best and can improve the details the artist emphasized. We also recommend you determine the proper angle placement for the painting to avoid casting shadows or reducing glare to obtain the highest level of satisfaction from this artwork.

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