Thai Gilt Bronze Seated Buddha


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The serene face of this figurine shows the traditional Thai Buddha characteristics, such as the small smile, large earlobes, and closed eyes. Even though the body of the Buddha is gilt bronze, his hair is an ultramarine color. Meanwhile, the Buddha’s right hand is in the Vitarka gesture. This is when the thumb and index fingers touch, creating a circle that symbolizes an uninterrupted flow of wisdom. Two lotus flowers are beside him, a symbol of enlightenment. This figurine differs from most Buddha’s though due to its sitting position. Many Buddhas are depicted cross-legged, however, this one is in the lalitasana, or the “royal position.” It is a relaxed pose and was rare for the Buddha himself. He is seated on a pedestal that is decorated with beautiful motifs, including what appears to be a pillow with intricate detailing. This is the perfect piece since the Buddha adds peace and calmness to any room.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions L 2.5 x W 4 x H 7 in
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20th Century

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Gilt Bronze


The bronze was likely cast during the 20th century due to the overall casting, use of lapis paint on the hair, details about the face and body. The paint on the Buddha's hair is faded from age. There are some faint scratches on the surface of the gilt as well as a noticeable rich patina. There are two removable lotus flowers, one on either side of the Buddha. The left lotus flower is a bit looser than the right. On the bottom of the figurine, a piece of tin has been welded shut. There is a flower-like stamp on the tin piece, most likely a signature of the artist.

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