Late 19th Century French Renaissance Revival Hand Carved Walnut Floor Lamp with Stained Glass


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The top and bottom of the stained glass shade are embroidered with an anthemion frieze trim. The turned center post terminates with a base having scrolling garlands of foliage onto ornate gothic feet. It can go in any room that needs a bit of nostalgia and intrigue.

H=74 in. W=24 in. D=24 in. 50 lbs.

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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions L 24 x W 24 x H 74 in
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Walnut / Stained Glass


The carvings on the walnut are exceptional and the patina gives the walnut a rich color. It has been recently waxed.

This lamp has been rewired to meet US electrical standards. It takes three base light bulbs. Each light bulb can use up to a maximum of 60 watts. We recommend using LED lights because they help preserve antique fixtures longer. The electrical wire is 8 feet long and has an on/off switch. As a preference, you can use all three sockets or only one.

Since the glass panes that make up the shade are handmade and not identical, each pane is marked with a number that corresponds to the slot it fits. The panes slide in and out of the slots at the top. If you need to remove the panes to change the light or move the lamp, tape a number of the slot on the piece of glass to avoid confusion about where they fit. The only inconspicuous flaw is on pane number three. Pane number three has a tiny hairline fracture that is intact and inconspicuous unless it is pointed out (see image).

It ships in one piece and required white glove shipping. H=74 in. W=24 in. D=24 in. 50 lbs.

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