Large Argentinian Rhodochrosite Art Bowl


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This large art bowl is made from rhodochrosite. It is an incredibly rare mineral that has a lovely pink color. The name comes from the Greek rhodos, meaning “rose” and khros, meaning “color.” It has a pearly luster with white banding and is the national gemstone of Argentina, from where it came. Besides its natural beauty, metaphysical practitioners who utilize stones and crystals, value the healing properties of rhodochrosite. This art bowl has a lapis lazuli band around the edge of the bowl and base. The deep blue color throughout history has been a symbol of honor, royalty, gods, power, and spirit. It was highly regarded for its beautiful color and the valuable dye derived from it. Like Rhodochrosite, lapis lazuli also as is known to have health benefits. It is known for warding off evil and being a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. The two stones together create a beautiful contrast that highlights the scalloped edge and sculpted curves of the base. Art bowls can be used for decoration or as part of a collection. Throughout history, they have been used to display socioeconomic status. This art bowl possesses both rarity and beauty due to its unusually large size and high grade of material components. This rhodochrosite specimen’s natural beauty is exhibited by its particularly stunning crystal growth patterns and vibrant medium pink, red, and orange hues. It would be a fantastic gift for a collector or a lover of geology.
H= 8.25 in. W= 10 in. D= 6 in. Weight= 6.5 lbs.


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Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions L 6 x W 10 x H 8.25 in
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Rhodochrosite / Lapis Lazuli


The meticulous quality of the carving and faultless polish along with the high-grade qualities of this specimen of stone make this piece exceptional. The amount of cleavage in rhodochrosite makes cutting it, difficult. The softness of the stone also makes it difficult to polish.

Furthermore, this rhodochrosite specimen's natural beauty is exhibited by its particularly stunning crystal growth patterns and vibrant medium pink, red and orange hues. It is well-kept and looks new. The top is 1 piece. The stem and base consist of 5 pieces (see images). Has no repairs. It has veins, flecks, and fissures typical of the gemstone.

Due to the brittle nature of Rhodochrosite, we recommend not putting any liquids or objects that can damage the quality of this gemstone. Being so soft, even dust can scratch it. Due to its fragile nature and ability to chip and break easily, we recommend white glove shipping.

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