Circa 1951 “El 7 Machos” Cantinflas Litho Movie Poster


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Circa 1951 “El 7 Machos” Cantinflas Litho Movie Poster. “El 7 Machos”, tells the story of a Robin Hood-like figure who takes from the rich and gives to the poor. It stars famous Mexican film actor and comedian Cantinflas. This wonderful poster is a great addition for anyone who is a fanatic of classic Mexican cinema films. The poster comes in a wooden frame that can be easily painted a different color to one’s liking and with a UV acrylic to protect the actual poster from sun damage. Came from a movie theater in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions L 1 x W 31.5 x H 45 in
Style / Period


Year / Century


Place of Origin



Wood / UV acrylic / Paper/ Litho Graph


No sun damage is done to the poster. You can see the lines of how the poster was originally folded. Wooden frame has some scratches.

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