Circa 1920 French Neoclassical Ram Chandelier with Crystal Pine Cones


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This one-of-a-kind chandelier features crystal pinecone shades. Three ornately cast ram heads anchor each arm. In design, Rams hold a variety of symbolism, however, in this piece, they are a symbol of power and nobility. The rams on the chandelier are incredibly detailed. Note the texturized effect of the exquisite castings of hair and horns on the ram’s foreheads. At the end of each arm is an acanthus leaf. In Ancient Rome, the Romans often paired ram motifs with acanthus leaves. The body of the chandelier is linear and simple yet exudes elegance.

During the neoclassical period, ornamentation included the pinecone as a symbol of wisdom. The crystal pinecone shades cast a soft glow and add a nice contrast to the bronze details of the frame. A classical gadrooned dome hangs in the middle, creating balance and symmetry with the shades. Overall, this is an exquisite handmade lighting fixture with an exclusive design.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions L 21.5 x W 22 x H 21.5 in
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Bronze / Brass / Crystal


This chandelier is rewired to meet US electrical standards and takes three candelabra base light bulbs. Each light bulb can use up to a maximum of sixty watts. We recommend using LED lights because they help preserve the antique fixture longer. Antique chandeliers/fixtures may have to be adapted to modern houses. Please check with your electrician or contractor for additional specifics on installing antique chandeliers/fixtures. It requires a canopy and chain.

Since the fixture is entirely handmade, it has imperfections, such as the center being uneven. There is a tiny chip on the rim of one of the crystal shades (see image). However, it is stable and unseen when the shade is on the fixture.

Claw-like brass extensions clutch the crystal shades. There are no screws holding the shades. The shades have hung like that for more than one hundred years and if not bent or pulled with force, can continue, offering the same support. Ensure that the brass extensions are clutching the shades securely in place after changing light bulbs.

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