Circa 1920 Carved Alabaster Figural Lamp on Onyx Base

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This Circa 1920 hand-carved alabaster lamp serves as both an art form as well as being a functional light source. It has been entirely made from alabaster, a rock that is popular with carvers, due to its softness. The lamp depicts a young girl sitting on a nicely carved rock structure. She gazes out into the distance, a pair of roses in her hand. Roses often were symbols of elegance, felinity, and admiration. The rock that she sits on, has a man’s face. Due to his pointed ears, it can be presumed he is an elf. Elves are often associated with garden scenes and are believed to protect people from evil. The alabaster lamp shade resembles a lamp post with a trim of tassels around the bowl. Due to the soft white coloring and open top, the lamp has a light gentle glow. Overall, this is a spectacular work of art. The carver has taken careful precision to sculpt the details such as the folds of the girl’s dress, the texture of her hair, and even the realistic lamp post. It would be a perfect piece for any table, office, or library.

Our other Circa 1900 Carved Alabaster Figural Lamp on Onyx Base is similar and both could be used as pairs. However, they are sold separately. They have different provenances including marble slabs. Since they are hand-carved, there are slight differences.

H=30 in. W=12 in. D=12 in. 65 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions L 12 x W 13.5 x H 30 in
Year / Century


Place of Origin



Alabaster / Onyx


The lamp was made entirely of hand-carved alabaster with a bottom onyx base. All the parts are original. The lamp is in a good condition but still has minor flaws. There are unnoticeable chips and scratches throughout. The statue has been professionally cleaned and polished.

Although LED lightbulbs are recommended, the lamp requires one 60-watt base bulb. Both power switches are in working condition. The powerline must be turned on to be able to turn on the switch by the lightbulb. Due to the fragile nature of this piece, white glove shipping is recommended.

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