A Pair Of Circa 1920 Baroque Style Lion Electric Sconces


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This pair of colorful wall sconces is made of polychromatic pot metal (also known as monkey metal, white metal, or die-cast zinc). Pot metal was used to manufacture lighting during the 1920’s by various manufactures such as Lion Manufacturing. Lion Electric is considered by most as one of the three great American lighting companies in the first half of the twentieth century. Lion’s relative position in the American lighting trade was short lived. Many speculate that the over the top expense of making high quality fixtures probably drove them out of business during the depression. It’s exciting to see examples of these decorative, electroplated and painted pieces of lighting from such a turbulent time period still in existence today.

The predominant color of these sconces is chartreuse green, but there is also silver, gold, rust, turquoise, beige, and copper. Done in the Baroque style, two arms extend from the body and support hammered bobeches in the shape of floral cut outs. The accompanying vibrant chartreuse green candle drip sleeves bring out the vibrancy intended in the design of these lively sconces. They mix well together with vintage lighting from other American manufacturers such as Lincoln Electric Company and the Riddle Lighting Company. Nonetheless, these eye-catching sconces are perfect for any room that needs a fun bit of color and adventure.

We are selling this set as a pair. We have two pairs available (check stock quantity for updates). We reduced the price by not rewiring them, but if you want them rewired, it will be an additional fee. Each weighs approximately 1.5 lbs.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions L 4.5 x W 10 x H 11 in
Style / Period


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Place of Origin

United States


Painted Pot Metal


They originally operate by the bottom push button that turns them on and off. An experienced electrician can adapt them to operate in that fashion or via a single wall switch. If you want them rewired, it will be an additional fee. Please check with your electrician or contractor for additional specifics prior to purchase to make sure they are adaptable to your wall.

To preserve their durability, make sure you do not use harsh chemicals to clean them. Constant atmospheric moisture may induce galvanic corrosion and loss to the electroplated and painted coating.

They originally were screwed onto the electrical box with the center screw that is included. Prior to purchase, make sure you understand what is required to mount them on your walls and any adaptations they might require. We will be happy to provide more closeup images upon request. There are slight scratches and a few areas with chipped paint. There is a tiny hole in one of the decorative candle sleeves. However, the sleeves rotate and if the side with the hole is turned toward the wall, it will be unseen. There is one arm that has an old repair on it. Each sconce is stamped Lion Electric MFG. Co.

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