A Pair of Circa 1880 Spanish Handcrafted Wooden Single Arm Sconces


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Circa 1880 Spanish Hand Carved Wooden Single Arm Sconces. Designed as if both a right and left hand is holding large pricket candle sticks and coming together, the sconces appear to be toasting each other with the wish of good cheer and good health in mutual camaraderie. Despite the patina, the paint on these sconces is still bright and will liven up the walls of a bar, kitchen, or entertainment room like they did the pub of yesteryear. These one-of-a-kind hand carved wall sconces provide a fun element in lighting. Originally for candle, they can be electrified.

Each sconce weighs approximately 5 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions L 19 x W 12 x H 20 in
Style / Period


Year / Century


Place of Origin



Paint / Pine / Metal Sheet


These sconces were carved by hand. They have all the original parts and paint. Due to the age, the paint is faded and chipped in some areas. The metal sheet on the candle cup has rust and old black candle wax residue that can be removed. They can be electrified if desired. We will be happy to provide additional closeup images upon request.

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