20th Century Chinese Qianlong style Zhadou with lid


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Jars of this shape are called zhadou, aka “slops jars” as they were primarily used for food or drink wastes. This 20th Century Blue and white zhadou is an extremely rare type made during the Qianlong period. The body of the jar has 4 hand-painted panels that depict garden scenery. There is a flowering prunus, which was often associated with female beauty and dominance. It exudes imagery of power and strength. Discreetly tucked in another panel, is the image of the yin-yang symbol. This powerful symbol plays off the flowering prunus, the yang being male and the yin representing the female. Meanwhile, there is a geometrical border that accents the opening of the jar. The lid is removable and features a lovely outdoor table scene with some elements from the body of the vase. This jar is the perfect wedding gift or accent piece in a living area.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions L 7 x W 7 x H 11 in
Style / Period

Qianlong Style

Year / Century

20th Century

Place of Origin





Even though this Leys jar is NOT Qianlong, it has been hand-made with meticulous detail. The cobalt paintings that grace both the body and the lid have been hand-done. There are some visible air bubbles on the glossy glaze, giving it a slight texture. The foot-rim and splayed mouth lack a creamy smooth texture, giving away its modern age. Inside of the jar, there is a scattering of black dots from the natural iron found in clay, as well as ripples from the potter creating it on a wheel. The lid has a small chip.

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