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One of Chicago’s Best Kept Secrets


Mr. Richard M. Weisz:  This internationally renown dealer, was born in Chicago, IL in 1939. Richard began his career as a collector since he was old enough to walk and collect bottle caps and marbles, ‘the terrible twos’.  By the age of nine, he had a serious stamp collection that would eventually lead to his present day career as an antiquarian.  Since he specializes in business to the serious trade, he remains unfamiliar to the general public.  That is, until the word gets out.  His method of advertisement is ‘word of mouth.’  His wholesale prices, quality pieces, and integrity have earned him respect and admiration.  However, his fat-free approach is not always valued.

Year of Production & Timeline of the Piece

After twenty years of a burgeoning career in Woodstock, IL, Richard returned to Chicago with an 18,000 square foot showroom on Chicago’s famous "Antique Row" where he specializes in business to the serious trade. He has personally restored hundreds of pieces of furniture. His firsthand knowledge and educational background make him one of Chicago’s premier antique experts. Forty years later, Antique Resources houses a stellar collection of over 1,000 chandeliers, paintings, and fine furniture from Europe and South America dating as far back as the early 17th century! He is now featuring over 400 early chandeliers, currently the largest collection in the Midwest. Collectors will also find accessories including clocks, oil paintings, sculpture and much more. As a treat, Richard exhibits some of his personal collection of early brass objects and lighting devices. Richard is a frequent advisor to movie makers and theater companies. His antiques have appeared in such productions as The Babe, Hoodlums, and The Untouchables. He has made special appearances on television. He guarantees all merchandise for authenticity. You can visit his website at www.antiqueresourcesinc.com  for a sample of the magnificent inventory.  To his family, he is a true inspiration. His sons, Douglas and Spencer Weisz are following in their father’s footsteps in fields relevant as well.


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